Tour of the active volcanoes


Departure from Milazzo at 9 am and direct transfer to Vulcano for the first stop. There you can admire the beauty of this island and in particular the Black Beaches, the Hot Springs and the Sulfur Mud Baths. In the early afternoon, we will continue to Panarea; from aboard, we will make an external tour of the island to see Baia Calajunco, the small Zimmari’s Beach and the headland of Capo Milazzese with its small prehistoric village dated to 1400 BC. A useful stop of about one hour will allow you to visit of S.Pietro’s village. Departure to Stromboli; from aboard you will admire the small group of islands in front of Panarea. Before our third stop, visit from the sea to the picturesque village of Ginostra. After docking in Stromboli Scari’s port, visit of the island until sunset, then departure to admire Stromboli exploding by night, in particular the Sciara del Fuoco (“Stream of fire”), where the active lava flows. Return to Milazzo around 10.45 pm.

The visits from aboard to the Sciara del Fuoco and the tours around the islands are dependent on sea and weather conditions.

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